Patient care

Patient Care

The primary goal of emergency ultrasound is to improve patient care. Therefore, the focus of the emergency ultrasound fellowship must begin with clinical care. The program is based at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, which boasts a nationally recognized four-year emergency medicine residency program. Our clinical sites offer unmatched emergency and subspecialty care, and one of the most diverse patient populations in the world.

Mount Sinai Hospital

Emergency Department
Mount Sinai Hospital Sinai ED
Mount Sinai Hospital highlights:
  • 1200 inpatient beds
  • Annual ED census of >100,000 visits
  • Adult, pediatric, geriatric, critical care, psychiatric and chest pain units within the ED

Ultrasound Machines:

  • Two Zonare Z.One Pro systems, including transesophageal transducer
  • Four SonoSite M-Turbo ultrasound machines
    • Digital image storage (video and still image)
    • Wireless and flash drive connection
    • Multiple probe types for a wide variety of clinical indications
      • phased array, high-frequency linear, cavitary, curvilinear
  • Two SonoSite S-Cath ultrasound machine with high-frequency linear probe

Elmhurst Hospital Center

Emergency Department
Elmhurst Hospital Center Elmhurst ED
Elmhurst Hospital Center highlights:
  • 560 inpatient beds
  • Annual ED census of >125,000 visits
  • Level I trauma Center
  • Adult, pediatric, critical care, cardiac, trauma, and psychiatric units within the ED

Ultrasound Machines:

  • Three Mindray M7 utrasound systems with multiple transducer types
  • One SonoSite M-Turbo ultrasound machine with linear, phased array, and curvilinear probes
  • Two Siemens Sonoline ultrasound machines with cavitary, curvilinear, and high-frequency linear probes
  • One SonoSite S-Cath ultrasound machine with high-frequency linear probe

All ultrasound machines are controlled by the emergency department, and are continuously available.

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