AIUM 2010- Day 3

Another beautiful sunny day. Although some people left for early flights back home, there was still some life left in the conference on Saturday.

Notable events included:

Sinai’s own Henrietta Rosenberg, MD, hosting a meet-the-professor session on sonography of the infant hip

EM/Critical Care track session on the ultrasound evaluation of dyspnea, featuring Anthony Dean, Paul Sierzenski, Vicki Noble, David Bahner, and Jim Tsung.

Scientific session on Emergency Sonography research in the afternoon

Just Images- cardiac ultrasound in the ED and ICU, including contributions by Chris Moore, Alexander Levitov, Jim Tsung, and Erika Kube.

San Diego 2010 Final Thoughts:


The Transcranial Doppler session was great. The best part of the AIUM conferences for me is learning something new and getting outside of my comfort zone. The faculty for the TCD course made the technique look easy. Although you can’t hope to master a new clinical skill in an afternoon, I was inspired to learn more about this technique and how it could impact care in the ED.

Zsolt Garami, director of the TCD Center at Methodist Hospital in Houston, demonstrated the perfect blend of knowledge, technique, wit, and sarcasm to make for a fantastic experience!


The Just Images sessions were really useful. Lots of great cases, and an excellent video of a pupillary reflex from Chris Moore.


The coolest thing I saw was in one of the OB sessions- a 4D/3D plus real-time movie of an ultrasound guided needle sampling of fetal blood cells from an umbilical cord floating in the amniotic sac.  That was pretty cool- and the future for ultrasound guided procedures.

AIUM 2010- Day 2

Another great day for the Emergency and Critical Care track.

8:15 head and neck US

9:45 Emergency and Critical Care Community of Practice meeting

Michael Blaivas was at the helm as the new Chair of the EM/CC community of practice. Bret Nelson was elected the incoming Secretary, and thus took notes. Apparently poor handwriting and the inability to touch type were not obstacles in the selection process.

11:00 clinical sonography – emergency sonography

1:30  transcranial Doppler session

This was an excellent session, with great hands-on instruction by experienced and enthusiastic instructors. They made everything look easy.

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AIUM 2010- Day 1

Thursday was a great day for the EM/Crit Care track.

Not sure what happened in the AM – I was on a plane – not on a boat – on a plane!

The hands-on vascular access course was held in the afternoon.  The opening lecture covering short and long axis approaches by Jason Nomura was an excellent example of clear, concise presentation of complicated information.  Clearly, Jason has mastered the zen of well…presentation zen.  I’m sure no one in that room had a hard time remembering the importance of distinguishing the tip of the needle from the shaft after his talk.

The day ended with a Just Images session presented by Anthony Dean and Chris Moore titled “Patients in Shock.” Fascinating clips of patients with pulmonary embolism, atrial myxoma, tamponade, dissection, and more.

Mount Sinai’s Director of Pediatric Radiology, Henrietta Rosenberg presented data on the use of ultrasound in pediatric hip evaluations this afternoon as well.

AIUM 2010- preconference

Michael Blaivas organized an exciting preconference course on evaluation of the acutely decompensating patient.  Bret Nelson (speaking about vascular catastrophes) and Jim Tsung (describing the nuances of this evaluation in the pediatric patient) were among those presenting.

Faculty from emergency and critical care backgrounds gave cutting-edge presentations and the feedback from registrants was excellent. Faculty and their lectures after the break!

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