The Mount Sinai Divisions of EMS and Ultrasound were proud to work with the New York City Fire Department Rescue Medics on a prehospital ultrasound training session.

Kevin Chason and Bret Nelson were accompanied by Ultrasound Division members Robert Arntfield, Hong Chuen Toh, Shianghu Ang, and resident Scott Goldberg for the session. After completing an intense subway rescue simulation, the rescue medic team members practiced the use of portable ultrasound for trauma.

Many thanks to Dr. Dario Gonzalez, the medical director of the Prehospital Advanced Emergency Medical Care program for allowing our team to collaborate with such and incredibly talented group of care providers.

Publication – Bret Nelson on Prehospital Ultrasound

Prehospital Ultrasound by Paramedics - PMID 20491683Bret Nelson and Mt. Sinai’s director of Disaster Preparedness and Prehospital Care, Kevin Chason, collaborated on this pilot study on use of Prehospital FAST and Aorta US which showed that paramedics can obtain and interpret these studies.