WINFOCUS Pisa 2010

The second session of the 1st International Consensus Conference on Pleural and Lung Ultrasound was held in Pisa, Italy May 11-12.  Ultrasound leaders from across the globe were present, including Mount Sinai’s Jim Tsung. Thwarting recent Icelandic ash clouds, Dr. Tsung teleconferenced in as the the conferences’ first virtual attendee.

Dr. Tsung joined notable faculty including:

  • Roberto Copetti
  • Mahmoud El Barbary
  • Luna Gargani
  • Daniel Lichtenstein
  • Gerhard Mathis
  • Andrea Reissig
  • Gino Soldati
  • Giovanni Volpicelli

As well as other leaders in thoracic ultrasound imaging. The conference focused on establishing common nomenclature for thoracic ultrasound anatomy, a review of literature published on the topic, and presentations of research by Dr. Roberto Copetti (neonatal & pediatric lung ultrasound) and Jim Tsung (pediatric pneumonia and bronchiolitis).

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Case of the Month: April 2010

Thanks to Tatiana for an expertly presented ultrasound case of the month.  She was kind enough to put together this summary.

43y.o. F with pmh of asthma, HTN, recently treated for PNA p/w worsening dyspnea, pleuritic chest  pain,  cough and fever. Found to be tachypnic and tachycardic in the ED. CXR suggesting perihilar PNA. While awaiting chest CTA to r/o PE you perform bedside echo and obtain the following image:

Is there anything abnormal? How does this change your management?

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SAEM Endorses the 2008 ACEP Ultrasound Guidelines

ACEP and SAEM are now united in their support of the revision of ultrasound guidelines published by ACEP in 2008.  See Dr. Moak’s comments below:

I am pleased to announce that the SAEM Board of Directors has endorsed the 2008 ACEP Ultrasound Guidelines.  The vote was unanimous.  This endorsement represents a very strong commitment to our aims as a community of emergency sonographers, and is congruent with our mission as educators and researchers in the field.  I’d like to highlight the hard work of Dr. Vivek Tayal, the primary editor of the guidelines, and the many others who contributed.  We are also grateful to Dr. Jeff Kline for his advocacy for this initiative among the membership of the SAEM BOD.

Best regards,
Chair, SAEM Ultrasound Interest Group