Case 2

This 16 year old patient presents to the Emergency Department you have just started at in Menominee Michigan.   All of today’s patients have been on their way home this last day of hunting season.  You suspect this patient will be more interesting, as she is wearing a PETA shirt and not a shred of orange or leather.  Although her chief complaint was nausea and vomiting, her urine pregnancy test was positive, prompting the ultrasound evaluation which revealed this image:


What is your diagnosis and what is the next step for this patient?

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Case of the Month #1

This young woman presents to your Emergency Department with a history of cramping, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding today.

A urine pregnancy test is positive..  The following ultrasound image is obtained.  What do you tell the patient?

IUP with Subchorionic Hemorrhage

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7 year old with abdominal pain

Right Lower Quadrant7 year old child with abdominal pain presented with pain, nausea.  Noted to be febrile.  RLQ tender.  Linear transducer applied to point of maximal tenderness. 


Image attached was obtained.


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