SAEM Resident Education Modules


The SAEM Resident Education Committee for Bedside Ultrasonography has published a series of modules designed to used for resident education.  This is another excellent resource out there for anyone teaching bedside ultrasound, and amounts to a mini-textbook.

Take a look here.



Case 5

Here’s a quick case. Patient presents with urinary retention, Foley catheter placed, blood-tinged urine output. Initially the patient experiences great relief but gradually develops suprapubic discomfort again.


  1. What’s inside the bladder?
  2. What’s the bladder volume?
  3. How is that catheter working?
  4. What’s that bright echogenic arc coming of the superficial aspect of the Foley bulb?

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ACEP 2011- Ultrasound Management Course

The ACEP Ultrasound Section hosted its annual Ultrasound Management Course on Friday October 14. This year’s course was organized by directors Vivek Tayal and Troy Foster and co-directors Rajesh Geria and Bret Nelson. Special thanks to ACEP organizers Marilyn Bromley and Julie Williams who were instrumental in putting the course together.

Over 125 participants registered for this full-day course which served as a whirlwind introduction to the operational aspects of emergency ultrasound. Participants interacted with each other as well as national ultrasound leader in small group breakout sessions covering topics such as quality assurance, image management systems, reimbursement issues, and others.

Faculty for the course (listed below) hailed from across the United States and brought enormous expertise to bear in their lectures and small group sessions.  We look forward to their continued involvement as the course expands. Planning has already begun for the next Ultrasound Management Course to be held at ACEP in Denver 2012!

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