World Conference on Ultrasound in Medical Education

The first World Conference on Ultrasound in Medical Education (WCUME) kicks off today in Columbia, South Carolina. We are looking forward to seeing some of Point of Care Ultrasound’s luminaries here.


Richard Hoppmann, the dean of the University of South Carolina school of medicine, the president of the Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education is the principal organizer of the conference. Dr. Hoppmann runs inarguably the most well integrated ultrasound program for undergraduate medical students — we hope to learn a lot from him over the next few days. Abraham Verghese who a frequent contributer to the Atlantic, and nationally recognized for his efforts to return patient care to the bedside will be giving a plenary on “the brave new world of bedside diagnosis”. We always come away enriched from lectures by faculty like: Michael Blaivas, Daniel Lichtenstein, Luca Neri, Tomislav Petrovic, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Vicki Noble, and we are excited to hear from those we haven’t met.

World Conference on Ultrasound in Medical Education

Our own Jim Tsung will be omnipresent. Jim is lecturing on the history of ultrasound and recent advances in technology. Jim will be joined by Sinai faculty Bret Nelson, Phil Andrus and our fellows Rob Arntfield and Ee Tay for hands-on sessions on pediatric ultrasound, ultrasound guided procedures and lung ultrasound.

If you are headed to South Carolina, we’ll see you here.

Critical Care Ultrasound

The largest known ultrasound course ever held took place this past weekend in Baltimore, MD. The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) program called Ultrasonography: Fundamentals in Critical Care Ultrasound drew over 200 participants with 35 faculty. Despite its large size, through the use parallel image interpretation workshops at the same time as the practical scanning sessions, participants were afforded a 3:1 ratio of attendees to instructors.
Sinai’s own ultrasound fellow, Dr. Robert Arntfield served as faculty at this course. Dr. Arntfield is dually board certified in critical care and emergency medicine and has particular interest in critical care ultrasound.

Course co-director Pierre Kory (right) and Rob Arntfield at the ACCP's Critical Care Ultrasound Course in Baltimore.

Life in the Fast Lane EM/Crit Care Blog Database

If you haven’t been reading LITFL, you ought to be. Mike Cadogan and Chris Nickson regularly put out high quality EM/CC posts and offer great resources. The latest of which is the EM/CC Blog database. Not only are the luminaries of EM/CC blogging’s websites listed, but their RSS feeds, twitter feeds and Facebook pages are all there for your perusal.

Life in the Fast Lane EM Crit Care Blogosphere Database

This is a great table to go through to find out what you may be missing across the web.