Journal Club – February 2010

Cafe SabarskyThis month we looked at 2 articles on ultrasound guided regional anesthesia.  To do so, Makini and I started from Elmhurst conference where she had presented the ultrasound case of the month on brachial artery peak velocity variation to predict fluid responsiveness.  While trying to find a spot we could sit and talk we considered La Fusta and Jackson diner.  They didn’t ring true as the place for ultrasound journal club.  So we got on the E train heading west and made a switch to the 6 heading toward Sinai.  Unsure of our destination, we got off at 85th street, still unsure of our destination.  Makini was calm, I started to sweat – where could we go.  To make things worse, Makini had eaten a full share of her conference pizza and yet was still hankering for real food – more than just a coffee.   Mindful of maintaining my waif like figure, I was not at all interested in a second lunch.  What a dilemma!  I pulled out Urban Daddy on my iPhone and hoped for the perfect match, but it’s suggestion was Tevere 84 Italian Glatt Kosher Restaurant.  Part of me liked this thought, the idea of carciofi alla judea took me back to my youth in Rome, but I snapped back to reality — If I couldn’t keep my model like figure, how would I compete with our younger attendings who regularly solicited by modeling agencies.  Lost, though not caught between good and evil on an island, we turned left toward Fifth and stumbled into Cafe Sabarsky.  The perfect fit.  After a once over by the doorman, we were allowed to enter.  Makini ordered the apfelstrudel, I abandoned my fantasy of a healthy BMI and ordered the sachertorte (mit schlag of course).

And ultrasound journal club began in earnest…

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