ultrasound gel versus defibrillator gel

HINT: The ultrasound Gel is on the rightIn response to recent confusion:

How can you tell the difference between Ultrasound Gel (used for ultrasound machines) and Electrode Gel (used for defibrillation)?

Answers after the break!

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Case 3

54M with h/o HTN, DM, Tobacco and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis presents with neck mass.  He looks dyspneic and uncomfortable at triage and has an obvious mass above his left clavicle to the degree that his head is tilted a bit to the right.  Concerned, the triage RN defers the EKG and A-Side attending consult and rolls the patient into your formerly mellow cardiac room shift.  Although overall he looks gaunt, his face is swollen and dark colored (“facial plethora”).  You go through your IV/O2/Monitor/ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST and then grab the ultrasound machine.

After turning on the machine,  you obtain the following images of the left neck.

Without Compression
With Compression

What do you think the patient has and whatcha  going to do about it?

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