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AAEM Ultrasound Course

2010 AAEM Scientific AssemblyThe American Academy of Emergency Medicine will host its 16th annual scientific assembly from February 15-17 in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.  An innovative pre-conference course on emergency ultrasound will be held on February 14th. If you will be attending the AAEM assembly, or consider an ultrasound course to be a good prelude to a romantic evening with that special someone, please consider registering for the course!  A detailed course description for this CME course can be found here.

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Holding the probe

Holding the probe

Figure 1. Holding the probe for general scanning

Novice sonographers often hold the ultrasound probe like a dead mouse they found under the sink.

Many people seem afraid to get gel on their hands or make physical contact with patients, both of which are just part of scanning.
Instead of treating the probe like an alien object, hold it like something you hold everyday: a pen. Continue reading