Anatomy course echo demonstration

Makini speaking
Makini Speaking
Tainter, Huang
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Hot Topics in Emergency Medicine for the Physician Assistant

The annual Sinai PA Conference took place on 9/12/2009. The division of Emergency Ultrasound ran a course on peripheral line placement under ultrasound.

ultrasound guided iv placement
Attendees were enthusiastic and placed angiocaths under ultrasound guidance using our vessel phantoms. In fact, some were so eager that they were absolutely covered in gel by the end of the conference. Next year we will remember to bring towels.

Sinai Ultrasound QA Update

A couple very brief tips from Sinai Ultrasound QA today.

Views: For each indication a specified set of views are required.  Please be sure to obtain all of the required views if you are recording the study – whether for clinical or educational documentation.

Full ultrasound tutorials covering these studies can be found at

But here is a quick review of the views required for the major ultrasound indications:

  1. Cardiac: (2 images): subxiphoid, parasternal long axis, parasternal short axis or apical.
  2. FAST: (4 images): hepatorenal recess (Morison’s Pouch), perisplenic (Left Upper Quadrant), subxyphoid or parasternal long axis cardiac view, bladder.
  3. Gallbladder: (2 images): transverse, sagittal
  4. OB: (2 images): transverse, sagittal views of uterus.
  5. Aorta: (5 images): proximial, mid and distal aorta (transverse), bifurcation of the iliac arteries (transverse), and longitudinal shot of mid-aorta.

inadequate view

Be sure to center the organ of interest on the screen so that the area deep
to the structure is imaged.  This is important to document the absence or
presence of pericardial effusion deep to the heart in a cardiac study, free
fluid deep to the bladder on a FAST exam, or free fluid in cul-de-sac on OB

Valencia 2009 – TRUST Data Presented

Data from the TRUST (Thoracic Rapid Ultrasound in Trauma) study was presented at the fifth EM Congress in Valencia, Spain on 9/17/2009. The project was selected as one of the top 50 abstracts at the conference. Special thanks to Danny Duque, Vicki Noble, and Betty Chang, our co-investigators on the study.

Bret presenting TRUST data
Bret presenting TRUST data